The Brexit Experience

THE BREXIT EXPERIENCE  – Learn about socio-political power, industry/finance & multicultural Britain on this CITY OF LONDON themed guided tour.

This is an educational and informative London City walking tour themed around Britain’s fascinating exit from the EU – ‘Brexit’. IT IS NOT A POLITICAL TOUR. You will visit London’s top attractions with a guide and gain a more practical understanding of the unrest in the British community.

You’ll learn about:

  1. How British Communities are dealing with Brexit. Starting at the heart of where the revolution began in London.
  2. How London’s financial Centre and the British Economy is dealing with Brexit as we take you on a historical journey to discover the humble beginnings of London’s financial centre, taking in key buildings and commentaries.
  1. Watch History unfold before your very eyes (literally)  and have a spectacular perspective of the key landmarks of importance to Brexit, as well as learning about the 2 great fires of London and their significance to Brexit. Also visiting one of the best selfie/photo locations in London.

• Explore the City of London’s square mile & Financial District
• Amazing sky high views of London from our chosen locations
• Take some of the most spectacular photos of London.

Special discounts prices and pre-arranged start times available to group bookings only.  BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

The Tour lasts: 3.5 hours.

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