Restaurants and Bars

Fratelli La Bufala

Fratelli La Bufala is a restaurant that places buffalo mozzarella and meat at the core of its food offering. From the beginning the brand has been built on the authenticity of its ingredients and products, with the core aim of spreading throughout Italy and the world (including London), the health benefits of buffalo meat, buffalo mozzarella and the delicious simplicity of true Neapolitan pizza and the quality wines of Campania. The Cento S.p.A. corporate mission is to be the ambassador of “being Neapolitan” around the world.

 Drake & Morgan

Drake & Morgan offer a stunning collection of bars and restaurants in London. The Company were inspired to create unique spaces where locals and visitors can enjoy thoughtful, inspired menus in the most inspiring environments. Each restaurant or bar is beautifully themed which makes a visit to one of their establishments so interesting.

The Folly is a botanical retreat in the heart of the City.  Its earthy, garden theme is so welcoming and comforting just like eating soul food. When you enter the space you feel like you have arrived home, you could just kick off your shoes and chill out. The surroundings, the ambiance, music and carefully crafted seasonal menu, quirky cocktails and fine wines all add to offer such an enriching dining/drinking experience.  Escape to The Folly.

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