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We are an Island – Proudly British

The “We Are Not An Island” ad campaign by HSBC Bank which is all over London right now, on the underground, bus stands caught my attention.


The bank – who’s full name is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ( the first bank in Britain to fall in line with Islamic Law – becoming Sharia compliant in 2003) – launched a promotional video about the influence of countries and cultures on the UK, which includes how much people from the UK enjoy sipping coffee from Colombia, watching films from the US and flat-pack furniture in Sweden.

An HSBC UK spokesman said to Express newspaper that : “We believe that the people, communities and businesses in the UK thrive most when connected and open. Our Global Citizen campaign is central to this, and with the ‘We are not an island’ advert we are reinforcing our strong belief that the things that make us quintessentially British are the things that make us inescapably international.”

The agency JWT, which created the campaign, said the advert was in response to the current “atmosphere and to remind people that they are global citizens “whatever the political climate”.

There seems to be a strongly nationalistic undercurrent amongst indigenous British Londoners, England.  There seems to be an emerging feeling of pride in being British, buying British, self sufficiency – post imperial nostalgia. The irony is that the nostalgia for empire is accompanied by a rejection of perhaps the most defining feature of colonialism, immigration. We can’t have our cake and eat.

At YTF we embrace globalism AND post colonial sustainability. Sustainable development, generally defined as” development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” In there somewhere lies the current national desire to develop without limitations.

We continue to offer our Brexit Experience as an option on our educational tour packages.


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