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How often have your dreams been sabotaged by accident or by design by the ‘helpful’ advice of others? When we started the Brexit Tour people said things like “That will never work”, “Its in your head”, “What a crazy idea” and so many other similar phrases. TheĀ  ‘experts’ were out giving us their constructive criticism and looking for an idea to slaughter.

Let the truth be told – this isn’t ‘expert’ advice and it wasn’t really advice at all but rather people trying to impose their own self imposed limitations on us. Sometimes, ‘the expert’ is really a sad, miserable person who does not have the confidence to get their own ideas off the floor. The thought of you succeeding is the driving force for their criticism which covers their own failings and inadequacies.

If you go and succeed at the very things that they failed at then you become a threat. Trying to stop the eagle flying is their way of exonerating their own failings. Sad but true.

Run your own race irrespective of what others may try to do. Helping someone soar might actually be a quicker way to personal success than stopping the flight.

“.. as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”… unconscious denial of the endless possibilities of your potential is really quite a deadly thought pattern; as is trying to live at minimum potential so as not to intimidate or upset someone who would prefer you played it small. Horrible to think that there are people out there who want you to contribute at your lowest rather than HIGHEST level just so that they can maintain their own comfort zone.

We have a lot to learn from Brexit and about the current events unfolding before our eyes. Everyday we watch many of these limiting ideas playing out before our very eyes. Will the chicken pluck out all its feathers or the will the Eagle soar? Who knows!

The Brexit Tour handles the Brexit theme in a light, fun and educational way. It is a tour that reflects popular opinion about Brexit, mixing historical commentary with current affairs. There are no hard and fast answers on our Tour, no right or wrong approach. We simply curate real life British experiences using the Tour stops as insight points.

Our advice to anyone taking our Tour is leave those limiting expectations at home and just keep your mind wide open as the drama unfolds.

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