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We are an Island – Proudly British

The “We Are Not An Island” ad campaign by HSBC Bank which is all over London right now, on the underground, bus stands caught my attention.    The bank – who’s full name is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ( the first bank in Britain to fall in line with Islamic Law[…]

River Walbrook: Close & Personal

London’s rivers and waterways such as the Walbrook are invisible threads, binding London together under the surface. They were here long before people or buildings arrived and remain as a hidden system cutting through the layers on which London now stands, and revealing the many age old mysteries hidden in[…]

Toxic London

  Great news: Living and working in London is now officially toxic to our health. Picture this: you standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus and as you’re doing this you take a nice deep breath of nitrogen dioxide and fine particle matter also known as PM2.5 as[…]

The YTF Dummies Guide to Diversity in London

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world with a population of  8.2 million at the 2011 census. From AD 50 when the city was known as Londinium and inhabited by Romans to the present day, it has been an immigrant mecca for people of different nationalities and cultures[…]

We are proud to be AGILE ENTREPRENEURS.

Thanks to BCS Entrepreneurs Mentorship programme which took place this month at Google Campus. Speakers Kubair Shirazee, Imran Adan and Andy Skipper shared their perspectives, as they took us on a whistle-stop tour of Agile for start-ups. The team of tech mentors lead by Shakeeb Niazi were as usual inspirational.

Cycling in London

You may have read some really loud headlines over the years about cyclists on the streets of London such as the Daily Mails ‘HIT AND RUN LYCRA LOUTS’, ‘WHY CYCLING TO WORK IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CAUSES OF HEART ATTACKS’,  The Guardian’s MAN KILLED IN COLLISION IS 10TH CYCLING[…]

YTF Dummies Guide to the London Borough of Culture (LBOC) Award

Here’s the scoop on some new Programme developments happening in and around Greater London designed to keep London in the limelight as the UK’s leading Cultural hotspot.   What is London Borough of Culture? The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture award will bring Londoners of all ages and backgrounds together.[…]

To Busk or not to Busk in London, THAT is the question!

Busking is a crucial part of the music eco-system in London; a chance to develop and grow in front of the public. It all adds to London’s reputation as one of THE capitals in the world for live music, with music tourists contributing almost £600m to the economy each year.[…]

Have a nice Cup of Brexit

I enjoy some international tea blends such as Attaya – brewing Attaya involves Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea from a box, lots of sugar, a small teapot, a small charcoal stove, 3 or 4 small Maghreb-style glass cups, dexterity for making frothy bubbles, and a circle of friends. Another firm favorite[…]


How often have your dreams been sabotaged by accident or by design by the ‘helpful’ advice of others? When we started the Brexit Tour people said things like “That will never work”, “Its in your head”, “What a crazy idea” and so many other similar phrases. The  ‘experts’ were out[…]

The London Oyster Card – Mind the Trap!

You’ve purchased your oyster card and think you’ve got it all sussed out now to travel the length and breadth of London. You want an alfresco experience of the Capital so decide to travel PAY AS YOU GO with your oyster card but lo and behold you forget to touch[…]

5 of the best Outdoor screens in London

If you are a visitor to London and want to make the most of the hot weather and immerse yourself in some London culture then you are probably wondering where to go to catch a big screen. There’s quite a few on offer for sports and film enthusiasts. So where’s the best 5[…]

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